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For a matured girl to be healed in sea breeze


11.2 million yen 


Land area: 206㎡

Building area: 106㎡

43 years old

Please read the floor plan from PDF.


Thanks, it's sold

IMG_1592 2.HEIC

The interior coloring is based on white.

On that we treated various patters and colors cohesively.

We selected and left component from previous house which still had values in beauty. To finish, we blessed new life into old house.

From this page, you can see the interior photos of each place.



Living room, dining room and kitchen

A room with a sense of openness

is. The arrangement of furniture keeps the feeling of openness

You can enjoy the interior.

Easy to use dining kitchen

It is also recommended for those who want to enjoy cooking.


Western-style room

Because the wall surface is finished with white plastering material

Bright with natural light alone, and the hygroscopicity of the wall material

It ’s good, so it ’s easy to spend in a pleasant humidity.

This is the room.

The closet is big, so

Excellent storage capacity!



The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the house is

White and blue are used for bold, and the shoe box is

Painted in urban beige.

Cute finish without becoming too pop

It has become. Please take a look.



The interior is finished in chic and cute colors. The wallpaper is big, but I don't want to be unfashionable

I want to stick to the design of the restroom

Recommended for people.

A flush toilet that can be used comfortably is standard equipment.


Western-style room ②

Flooring with existing fittings intact

It has been replaced with a new one to make it easier to spend.

The ceiling cloth is also a discreet accent color.


unit bus

There is no draft and there is a warm winter bath.

Cleanup's unit bath

It is hard to get dirty and easy to clean. It is perfect for those who want to keep the water around for a long time and cleanly.

Changing room

The dressing room next to the bath is equipped with electrical wiring and water pipes so that a washing machine can be placed.

A stylish mirror frame reminiscent of the sea breeze is also a particular point.


The front of the entrance is decorated with glasswork lighting. Along with the flower block, the exterior is also playful.

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